Ionian Pearl


Lefkada, one of the Eptanisa or “seven-islands” is situated in the heart of the Ionian Sea, and forms part of western Greece.

The name originates from the immaculate white colour of the mountain peaks which dominate the landscape. The island is renowned for its impressive coastline, consisting of numerous white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, resembling a tropical paradise. Lefkada is a richly verdant island, full of trees and lush greenery. With its stunning natural formations combined with well-established facilities, Lefkada has become a well-known luxurious retreat.

Easy access throughout the year makes it an ideal destination for an array of people who look to this beautiful island to spend their time. Surrounded by crystal clear waters with a selection of unique attractions, sumptuous culinary choices and a variety of entertainment venues, Lefkada has managed to preserve its values as a truly exceptional Greek island.


Lefkada is accessible by direct flights from almost all European countries.


With lots of important sightseeing spots, tasty and traditional culinary options, extreme sport installations and a variety of entertainment venues, Lefkada has managed to remain quite unspoilt and original welcoming people from all around the world. Adding to that the various well serviced marinas, Lefkada has greatest access through the sea, and plus flights and driving.